System Description: The Proof Transformation System CERES

Automated Reasoning, 5th International Joint Conference, IJCAR 2010
Edinburgh, UK


Cut-elimination is the most prominent form of proof trans- formation in logic. The elimination of cuts in formal proofs corresponds to the removal of intermediate statements (lemmas) in mathematical proofs. The cut-elimination method CERES (cut-elimination by resolu- tion) works by extracting a set of clauses from a proof with cuts. Any resolution refutation of this set then serves as a skeleton of an ACNF, an LK-proof with only atomic cuts. The system CERES, an implementation of the CERES-method has been used successfully in analyzing nontrivial mathematical proofs (see [4]).In this paper we describe the main features of the CERES system with spe- cial emphasis on the extraction of Herbrand sequents and simplification methods on these sequents. We demonstrate the Herbrand sequent ex- traction and simplification by a mathematical example.