Advanced Proof Viewing in ProofTool

Eleventh Workshop on User Interfaces for Theorem Provers, UITP 2014
Vienna, Austria


Sequent calculus is widely used for formalizing proofs. However, due to the proliferation of data, un- derstanding the proofs of even simple mathematical arguments soon becomes impossible. Graphical user interfaces help in this matter, but since they normally utilize Gentzen’s original notation, some of the problems persist. In this paper, we introduce a number of criteria for proof visualization which we have found out to be crucial for analyzing proofs. We then evaluate recent developments in tree visualization with regard to these criteria and propose the Sunburst Tree layout as a complement to the traditional tree structure. This layout constructs inferences as concentric circle arcs around the root inference, allowing the user to focus on the proof’s structural content. Finally, we describe its integration into P ROOF T OOL and explain how it interacts with the Gentzen layout.