The Proof Certifier Checkers

Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods - 24th International Conference, TABLEAUX 2015
Wrocław, Poland


Different theorem provers work within different formalisms and paradigms, and therefore produce various incompatible proof ob- jects. Currently there is a big effort to establish foundational proof cer- tificates (FPC), which would serve as a common “specification language” for all these formats. Such framework enables the uniform checking of proof objects from many different theorem provers while relying on a small and trusted kernel to do so. Checkers is an implementation of a proof checker using foundational proof certificates. By trusting a small kernel based on (focused) sequent calculus on the one hand and by sup- porting FPC specifications in a prolog-like language on the other hand, it can be used for checking proofs of a wide range of theorem provers. The focus of this paper is on the output of equational resolution theo- rem provers and for this end, we specify the paramodulation rule. We describe the architecture of Checkers and demonstrate how it can be used to check proof objects by supplying the FPC specification for a subset of the inferences used by E-prover and checking proofs using these inferences.