NAI – The Normative Reasoner

the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL)


Computer systems are playing a substantial role in assisting people in a wide range of tasks, including search in large data and decision-making; and their employment is progressively becoming vital in an increasing number of fields. One of these fields is legal reasoning: New court cases and legislations are accumulated every day. In addition, international organizations like the European Union are constantly aiming at combining and integrating separate legal systems. In contrast to this situation, the automation of le- gal reasoning is still underdeveloped albeit being an growing field of research. In recent years automatic procedures, e.g. for courtroom management 1 and legal language processing/management, ex- pert systems based on cases or rules, and normative compliance tools 2 have been introduced. Additionally, logical systems for auto- matic reasoning over sets of norms have been developed, such as for the HIPAA and GLBA privacy laws, for business and the GDPR.